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Leopoldo Arnaiz Eguren

Leopoldo Arnaiz Eguren, who founded Arnaiz in 1975, is an architect and urban planner with 47 years of professional experience in different countries around the world. He has been a civil servant on the Madrid Metropolitan Coordination and Planning Committee (COPLACO), a municipal architect for a number of city councils and the technical director of the Madrid University City Urban Development Consortium, directing and participating in various urban and territorial development consultations. 

He is currently the Executive Chairman of the Consultation and Public Works Board of the Latin American Federation of Cities, Municipalities and Local Government Associations (FLACMA) as well as the Secretary General of the Mexican Association of Smart Cities (AMMECI).

At the same time, he presides over the Arnaiz Institute for Studies and Research, which is dedicated to vocational training in urban development, and was the director for many years of post-graduate courses in urban management and real estate promotion at various Spanish universities. Also in the field of education, he has taught numerous courses at Spanish universities and financial institutions and is currently a conference lecturer on urban planning, municipal and technology topics in Latin America.

As an architect and urban planner, Leopoldo has completed a large number of integrated projects in Spain and abroad. Throughout his career, he has stood out for his ability to lead multidisciplinary teams in the areas of planning, environmental affairs, legal affairs and urban engineering, having completed countless territorial plans, municipal plans, master plans, urban development projects and property regularisation processes in Spain, Eastern Europe and Latin America.